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Introduction to ULPower aero engines

ULPower Aero Engines developed this engine specifically for use in light aircraft (fixed wing & rotorcraft). It is built to the highest standards with a fully electronic ignition and multipoint fuel injection (FADEC) systemas standard.

The design of this engine was based around critical issues such as reliability, light weight, excellent performance, a direct propeller drive and modern, proven technology.

· Modern Technology 4 stroke, air cooled, 4 cylinder opposed engine

· Dual (redundant) electronic spark ignition (variable timing)

· Multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation

· Electronic RPM limiter

· Direct propeller drive

· Wet sump forced lubrication with integrated pressure regulator

· 5 bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing

· Ram air cooled cylinders and cylinder heads

· High fuel efficiency

· No carburettor icing problems

· All engines test run with its own ECU before shipping to ensure everything works 100%

· Excellent power to weight ratio

Electric fuel pump and pressure regulator to eliminate vapor lock and facilitate starting even under adverse conditions

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UL Power SA now stocks Motul 300V 15W50 Competion oils for UL Power Aero Engines